Friday, November 10, 2017


Sertion  (2c3o1H6Li)

Scientists discovered an asteroid and a meteoroid will collide near Earth in the next 27 days. The scientists notice the abnormal activity when a huge rock hit one of Mars satellites and completely obliterated it. Nicholas Charkson the chief Astrodynamics for ESA predicted that the impact of the rock on the satellite would of split it in half creating an Asteroid and the smaller Meteoroid.

Thirteen days later

The scientists are panicking even more as the huge rocks get closer and closer towards earth and as they get closer and closer to each other. Michael Euipot the director of ESA and his Press director Bob Rögr tells the public that “There will be a huge collision between earth and both Rocks at the same time, it will happen in fifty six days that is all”, For a fact ESA lied to the world for a fact it will happen in thirteen days.

Eleven days later

Public panic has unfolded, protests outside ESA head office in Paris France and also in the other branches in Manchester, Milano, Brussels and Rotterdam. In the Netherland branch in Rotterdam, ESA Bunker has been completed with enough supplies for 3 years for all the ESA scientists and their families. The President of the United States is living in the states nuclear bunker and sadly the number of suicides since the announcement has spiked and population is in complete panic mode.

Thirtynine hours later

ESA Vault doors close as the collision is one hour away, and the computer estimates that it will hit Greenland. Suddenly the asteroid and meteoroid collide 1000 miles away from earth and rocks fly down through the atmosphere where most of them disintegrate. The bigger rocks hit away from earth but seven rocks get through down to ground level. One of the rocks coincidently hits ESA HQ in Rotterdam but most of them in hit Greenland.

The scientist make a phenomenal discovery that the rocks that hit Rotterdam and Greenland contained a new material that could supply all of Europe's power, but it weighed 560 tonne per 50 square meters, The rocks were transported to PPI (Paris Power Institute) and studied by scientists and they managed to liquefy the rocks turning them into Sertion the new type of ECO diesel petrol equivalent that works in most 21st century cars, planes boats and most of all generators. The three rocks now have been abducted by the sun and reduced to ash.

The scientific information for Sertion is 2c3o1H6Li, which stands for the atomic code. That is  2 Carbon, 3 Oxygen, 1 Hydrogen and 6 Lithium. The Atomic numbers for all of them are Carbon 6, Oxygen 8, Hydrogen 1 and Lithium 3. The atomic weight for the Sertion is 36.1174u ± 0.00281u.

By Oscar Ellis


  1. Love the story oscar, lots of suspense and then a really surprising finish
    What is the time frame between impact and discovery of sertion? Was there a nuclear winter afterwards?

  2. grate post. is this a real story there are so many facts it is hard to teel.