Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mammoth In Newark

In a lab in the Sonoran desert a baby mammoth from Greenland had been shipped from nuuk to los angeles then driven in a chilled truck to USMA (United states mammoth agency, studies mammoths). Now they are getting ready for the defreezing process when its eye blinks then its other, The ice starts to crack the crack gets bigger and bigger, one of the scientists yell “containment anomaly” within second the team is there with M9 carbines aming on the ice, they turn the room temperature and evaluate all people in the room but the guards stay inside with the guns pointing on him or her. The ice finishes melting a mammoth lies there not moving an inch on of the guards is told to pull a bag of elephant seeds that they use to feed there 5 elephants he cuts open the bag and leaves it next to him or her, him or her lifts his head sucks up some seeds then put in her or his mouth then plays dead again, happens again and again till the bag is empty. They trick him or her to follow a trail of seeds into the free elephant cage.

9 months later

The process of finding another mammoth has reached nil but the progress has gone very well he has reached 3.9 tonne the cage is getting too small for him. His tusks are huge he can barely move, They are trying to get all the info from him they can. But he did not want food at night so he broke out into the desert he stomped off towards las vegas. The guards start to shoot the darkness the spotlight find the mammoth but it is too late he starts run but in another direction. They send out the off road SUVs to capture him they reach the end of the desert, He is gone into Utah. The State police are alerted but the media named Manoth avoids Salt Lake City he walks into Wyoming…

The state police capture Manoth and take him in a aircraft to a army base in New Jersey where he is chained in a aircraft base. The army men do not feed or let manoth drink, He gets sick and when they find out the spray him with a water jet, He sculls the water off the floor. Manoth breaks out of his cell and tramples three guard he walk across into New York state and continues to walk towards New York City Within hours of the mammoth crossing into New York state The New york state national guard assembles guarding the outside of the city.

6 hours later

The guards see something coming out of the trees it's a army truck followed by a huge mammoth almost trampling the truck it swerved and he rampages through the guard and into the out skirts. After 2 hours he reaches the city center a photographer takes a picture of the frightened Mammoth a Homeless person runs in fear, Manoth keeps running toward the hudson he starts walking across to Manhattan When the evacuated bridge collapse taking Manoth and zero people down with it. Yet again the Mammoth is extinct forever this time.  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Back from the beginning, part 1

Back from the Beginning

Location:  11546 x 34898 y 54622 h or Planet 135 in orbit (6 light months away from earth)
Spacecraft: Modified PDM (planet destroyer missile)
Date: 2078, 24 of september.

Earth has crumbled into a population 73 billion as it grows bye 230 million per day. The richest have escaped onto 24 delta a deluxe “hotel in the sky”. As life on earth ends a crew of 6 people have escaped using a old russian missile to escape to another planet but that planet has never been inhabited. They have been orbiting for the last one and half months, as delta 24 is about to arrive with 100,000 people on board here to make a planet of there own, as the Delta government is about to nuke earth and the PDM is illegally orbiting.

Beep beep beep as the booster alarm starts as the 4 suns set and delta 24 gets closer. The engines fail as Felix yells “ Delta 24 has detected us and they are blocking the sun's, “engine failure” he screams. The ship starts to tilt to the planet, delta 24 shoots to subsonic missiles at them. Felix screeches “subsonics”, the team of aerodynamic scientists scrambles as the ship ever gets closer to the planet, Sarah brings the PDM nose down, they speed up. The subsonic missile misses by a millimeter as the PDM can see ground it's pitch black. Sarah manages to land PDM on the planet but the missiles are not far off…

Instantaneously there are 2 huge explosions to the southeast of them the blast wave cause the PDM to flip upside down, Delta 24 looms above them as the pressure of there huge blast decreases as the landing gear deployed about 1km up from the ground, the jet propulsion from the PDM flips them upright as they deploy their landing gear and push the base off the ground as they gas it at full thrust as the Delta 24 gets closer it’s 500m away. Sarah pushes the thrust lever to full, They get out of the way of delta 24 and again they shoot another missile at them but they get away as the missile explodes, They jet of over the horizon at 500 km/h. On delta 24 the chief officer John Mega Gig, is panicking about the poorer people and the rich people might merge they might get in and kill or torture them. In 869 valley they have begun inflating their base, the atmosphere is a carbon oxygen ozone layer so it's breathable. Back on earth the left side so africa has been fully nuke as the squadron further round, they are using 1000 megaton nukes called little bettybombs, Delta 1 sits above it's a shield that wraps round the planet with one entry and exit base and if you fly into the shield you will explode and it is also a army base for the riot soldiers who  run earth the way the PDM escape they hijacked a cargo ship exporting gold and used there clearance code. “The delta ship ranging from 45-900 are the ones destroying earth”  says Helena, “They will all come here after” says Michael quietly, They send the rover with Felix and Michael the rover starts its 2 hour drive…

To be continued

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The down fall of concorde

The concorde was and is the fastest passenger plane ever, It could reach 2140km/h but on the 25 of July 2000 all of it amazingness went down the drain as air france 4590. The reason for all of this was that some debris from a dc10 punctured the wheel which sent a chunk of the frame at 140km/h under wing piecing the wing and causing the planes rocket fuel the was feeding its 2 left wing engines, withen seconds the fuel ignited causing the whole wing to catch on fire by that time the plane and gone over slow down speed on 4.6 km runway as they started to lift off they flies for around 10 km before crashing into H├┤telissimo Les Relais Bleus Hotel near the airport and killing all passengers and crew and 4 people on the ground, 3 years later after the investigation had finished they shut down the planes, There are rumors that it might come back :)


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