Monday, July 24, 2017

The jaws of life

On Thursday the second week of the holidays dad was in Hamilton showing firemen how the lungs work with some sheep lungs, I was also there, I had sat in delta 41 (ambulance car) for 98 minutes when it was lunch time, There was zucchini fritters, They tasted amazing. While eating dad came over to me and said do you want to use the jaws of life I was like "yyyyyeeeeessssss", We walk over and were meet my by Steve who was cutting up a car for tomorrows composition (its composition were firemen come from all over Australia and Japan were they how many people they can get out of cars that are trapped, rolled over and etc) we went over, dad had the first go with some fancy door opening  pliers Then with the jaws of life they are big 4 tonne cutting scissors. Now it was my my turn I got it cut a car door off, The jaws of life were so heavy 23.1 kgs to be correct, It was like knife through butter so easy, after I was done, Dad had to be in photo for a competition with Shawn the sheep who goes round taking photos with important and famous people, I am hoping they win the prize for 2017.


  1. i liked that blog post oscar, it sounds quite hard to hold
    from mum

  2. Wow Oscar E you really must haved fun cutting of doors keep up the great work
    from Oscar J