Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Paper, Scissors, Rock

 This my Paper, Scissors, Rock Story enjoy.

Bleu Cheese Man Versus Cheese Grater

In the kingdom of wine cellar at cave of pinot gris, Bleu Cheese Man is mad for a fight as he walks through pinot gris cave but suddenly a strange shape figure emerges from the black, he yells at the top of his voice battle me !!” …
Bleu cheese man walks towards the strange figure, Not really out of know a cheese grater emerges from the black, Bleu Cheese man screams with glory, The greater walked towards with the cheese still screaming grates Bleu Cheese Mans left top corner off, Bleu Cheese man is now screaming with horror, He starts to run towards chardonnay pool to hide. Greater runs after Bleu Cheese Man, Greater does not stop he goes and goes, when he reaches chardonnay pool Bleu Cheese man is nowhere to be seen but cheese jumps off a ledge onto cheese grater he is instantly reduce to grated cheese, Grater walks on from the cave of pinot gree toward fire mountain…

The lighten fire sits where has always been eaten things that have got to close but today he is burning out  his angry rises again his so does his fire it start to roar again as a little fly flies past he opens his door and shoots out his ash instantly the ash eats the fly. Grater walks into the kingdom of a Fireplace valley then he walks into the area of Fire Mountain. Lighten fire still sits in its rightful place killing flies and other insects at his will but this fire is sad because he only knocks out flies and he wanted something bigger stronger. That afternoon he wished on Beef cheek pie that was sitting on top of his stove top he said with proud “I wish on a lightly cold beef cheek pie, I want a person K.O anything to do so”. The next day Grater arrived at Fire Mountain and saw a warrior sitting where he normally sat, The fire roared with anger the door opens ash starts flooding out. After that happened the fire came out with a roar and pulled the Grater in the remanence of Bleu Cheese man light up in flame as grater was put down in the belly of fire he banged on the glass to try escape he heard “My wish is now be prepared to become liquid metal man”, The flames swept up the heat 1000 degrees, The Grater started to melt. Suddenly definitely out of nowhere Grater breaks the thick glass as his handle melts off he falls into a knife mould he completely melts into liquid metal and goes into the mould.

7 hours later

The knife wakes from its 7 hour long sleep in a new more powerful, Knife laugh evilly again and again.

To be continued, The knife vs fire  


  1. That is stunning Oscar! Highly entertaining :)

  2. Great post. Please can you make a second one it is so entertaining.