Monday, July 24, 2017

The jaws of life

On Thursday the second week of the holidays dad was in Hamilton showing firemen how the lungs work with some sheep lungs, I was also there, I had sat in delta 41 (ambulance car) for 98 minutes when it was lunch time, There was zucchini fritters, They tasted amazing. While eating dad came over to me and said do you want to use the jaws of life I was like "yyyyyeeeeessssss", We walk over and were meet my by Steve who was cutting up a car for tomorrows composition (its composition were firemen come from all over Australia and Japan were they how many people they can get out of cars that are trapped, rolled over and etc) we went over, dad had the first go with some fancy door opening  pliers Then with the jaws of life they are big 4 tonne cutting scissors. Now it was my my turn I got it cut a car door off, The jaws of life were so heavy 23.1 kgs to be correct, It was like knife through butter so easy, after I was done, Dad had to be in photo for a competition with Shawn the sheep who goes round taking photos with important and famous people, I am hoping they win the prize for 2017.

Monday, July 17, 2017


As we drove back from our two days being trapped in Taupo, we had just gone past the hill next to to Taupo that looks like a volcano. We reached the temporary speed limit as we entered the snow cover pine forest, there was 60cms at one point, I ask can we pull over, the instant response was ''no'', as we keep driving up the first of hills. Suddenly out of know lost traction while punting up the steepest part of out climb, In a instant we start slipping backwards, Dad slams on the hand break. That was cold black ice black ice is when the road is Below negative and the temperature rising and then if rain goes on the negative temperatured road the water will freeze and that's what happened.

Some black ice

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Waitomo Caves

On Thursday the 13th of July we went to the Waitomo caves and Ruakuri cave near Te Kuiti. We didn't want to go home that day after the Mt Ruapehu skiing trip was cancelled so we stayed one night in Taupo and we were meant to go home the next day but the Napier-Taupo road was closed due to poor weather conditions, so we went to Waitomo Caves, we arrived at 12:45 then we went and booked the Waitomo Cave of the glowworms then we booked the Ruakuri cave trip. First we went into the glowworm cave we walked for five minutes to get to the entry then they opened a door to enter the lowest part of the cave. At only 70cm high as we walk the beautiful cave out tour starts  with talking about stalactites, The stalactites grow from the top of the cave and stalagmites from the bottom and they grow 3cm per 100 years. After being in there for 25 minutes we walk across to the 7th most acoustic space on the planet, world famous opera sing Kiri Te Kanawa has sung there, We sung twinkle twinkle little star. Then we moved onto the area where there are some glow worms (Glow worms are larvae form for a fungus gnat), Did you know that the Fungus gnat only lives for three days and the glowworm lives for nine months. Glow worms have very thing lines of thread like a spider web the hang down from their mouth.  The fungus gnat does not have a mouth so it doesn't eat during its life only mates and lays eggs then dies. We started moving towards the boats that take you under through a under river were at least  100,000 glow worms live then we finally reach the end of the cave we walk back to the car then drive  down to the Ruakuri caves which means 2 dogs cave because the Maori chief that discovered the cave was attacked by two dogs that lived in the cave entrance. The chief ran away after the first attack he returned with his men and killed the dogs making them in cape for him to wear and they never lost a battle again. As Pippin our tour guide took us into the amazing spiral entrance into the cave when we reach the bottom there was a huge lime stone rock that we could touch because everything else in the cave we could not touch- If you got caught doing so they would fine you 10,000 dollars because in gives the stones and creation a brown colour and can destroy them,

When we reach the bottom Pippin the tour guide open the first of the airlock doors that enter the cave. Once we got in there were some crazy awesome equipment that the use to check the cave is ok as we started descending into 75 meter deep cave some stalactites had made a Curtain shape which is not that common it takes 200 years to grow 1cm. We keep on going down and down seeing more unique shapes from stalactites and stalagmites, Suddenly the ground starts shaking as we approach a waterfall the locals thought for 4 year before they found the water it would be 10-20 meters high but it was only 1.5 meters, at the Waitomo caves you can do a blackwater rafting cave trip which takes yo down the river with the waterfall they push you off the waterfall backwards in a tube and they don't tell you how high it is. Half way through the cave there is a pipe that goes up to the surface (when they were build the tracks in the cave in 2003 the put metal frame stick down it with out anything to slow it down, it went 4 meters into the ground.

As we started going up was thinking to myself  why do we not come through a natural entrance, Pippin replies the entrance its Tapu because the Maori  Chiefs with the dog's cloak grave is there, In 1988 a man took DOC to court because they were running tours on tapu ground, Now different people own the cave.  As I entered the scariest part of all the ghost run some say it is where the chief still lucres. Once we got to the top of the cave we enter the air lock a go back up the spiral to the exit, It was the coolest day ever.

The entrance 

 On the way to Waitomo

Prettys stalagtites

Glow worms webs

Curtain Stalactite

On the path going to glow worm cave (very cold)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Paper, Scissors, Rock

 This my Paper, Scissors, Rock Story enjoy.

Bleu Cheese Man Versus Cheese Grater

In the kingdom of wine cellar at cave of pinot gris, Bleu Cheese Man is mad for a fight as he walks through pinot gris cave but suddenly a strange shape figure emerges from the black, he yells at the top of his voice battle me !!” …
Bleu cheese man walks towards the strange figure, Not really out of know a cheese grater emerges from the black, Bleu Cheese man screams with glory, The greater walked towards with the cheese still screaming grates Bleu Cheese Mans left top corner off, Bleu Cheese man is now screaming with horror, He starts to run towards chardonnay pool to hide. Greater runs after Bleu Cheese Man, Greater does not stop he goes and goes, when he reaches chardonnay pool Bleu Cheese man is nowhere to be seen but cheese jumps off a ledge onto cheese grater he is instantly reduce to grated cheese, Grater walks on from the cave of pinot gree toward fire mountain…

The lighten fire sits where has always been eaten things that have got to close but today he is burning out  his angry rises again his so does his fire it start to roar again as a little fly flies past he opens his door and shoots out his ash instantly the ash eats the fly. Grater walks into the kingdom of a Fireplace valley then he walks into the area of Fire Mountain. Lighten fire still sits in its rightful place killing flies and other insects at his will but this fire is sad because he only knocks out flies and he wanted something bigger stronger. That afternoon he wished on Beef cheek pie that was sitting on top of his stove top he said with proud “I wish on a lightly cold beef cheek pie, I want a person K.O anything to do so”. The next day Grater arrived at Fire Mountain and saw a warrior sitting where he normally sat, The fire roared with anger the door opens ash starts flooding out. After that happened the fire came out with a roar and pulled the Grater in the remanence of Bleu Cheese man light up in flame as grater was put down in the belly of fire he banged on the glass to try escape he heard “My wish is now be prepared to become liquid metal man”, The flames swept up the heat 1000 degrees, The Grater started to melt. Suddenly definitely out of nowhere Grater breaks the thick glass as his handle melts off he falls into a knife mould he completely melts into liquid metal and goes into the mould.

7 hours later

The knife wakes from its 7 hour long sleep in a new more powerful, Knife laugh evilly again and again.

To be continued, The knife vs fire  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tec Reviews

Hello people today I am going to tell you about a youtube channel run by Oscar Ellis and I we started this channel/business early this year in January.
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