Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On Tuesday, I went to a Rippa rugby Tournament. My team was the Parkvale Bucks, we won 3/7 of our games but we did not play 6 game because the Flaxmare Highlanders did not show up. Jacob J was our main try scorer, I scored 3 tries and got 42 rips, The challenge was getting past the other team to get tries and trying to get past to get the other teams rips, I enjoy ripping the Mahora team because it was quite funny watching them get angry at you for ripping them next to the try line.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace is a side company of Bombardier incorporation. Bombardier Aerospace is the part of Bombardier inc that makes plane, Bombardier inc also make trains and stuff for the military.
They have made multiple planes such as LearJet 45, Bombardier challenger 300 and 600, LearJet 75 and other. Bombardier Aerospace owns Learjet (which is a private jet manufacturer), most rich people buy them if they like traveling. The company was founded after taking over Canadair in 1989, The leading people are Fred Comer, David Coleal and Jean Seguin. They are the Bombardier inc real money they have 11 billion of Bombardier inc 16 billion. 

Global 7000  ($63 million:)

CRJ700 (24 Million)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Procrastination Gaming

This is my Youtube channel Procrastination gaming it is. Me and Oscar J run it we upload videos weekly. Procrastination gaming mean We Procrastinate a lot, (Means you say you are going to do something more than once and you never do it)

Heres a link to the channel Subscribe and like, comment

Crazy Shoes

These are the Cina Shoes they are made in China and rocket fuel from CSP (China space Place).
The shoe have a 0.001 second warranty, The price is 9.8 billion from dollar mart because nobody else wanted to sell it.  The shoe is made of plastic but the guard round the end of the boost fire is wood to make it burn better. The shoe is made in China for cheap produces of the pro product.  They come with one shoe so buy both of them for 19.6 billion for two but they come separate.:)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Maori hand games

This is my Maori hand games blog post we did it on the 7th of June.

The challenge was when I  had string games for the first one I was so so stuck I tried and tried still I got it it took me along time and then after that it got easier.
I used my persevere Learning Muscle  on the knucklebone number 1 at the end when you would have to pick them all up, I after multiple practices I got it finally.
I most enjoyed doing the string games like when I got stuck

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yellow block house

Me, Oscar and Zane made a house out of yellow bricks and then destroyed it with little cubes. It was awesome fun we made it with 59 big yellow plates and 11 block strips, We made it before school started it took 20 minutes. The video of destruction above;0

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kapa haka and Pacifica performance

On the 30th of may we had the Hastings Boys High school do absolutely amazing performance from their Kapa Haka department and their Pacifica department at the school,  It was so cool.
Pacifica went first with a Moana song and the Kapa haka's was a quite waita .

Dear Hasting boys Kapa Haka and Pasfica Department

Thank you for coming, your performances were amazing.
You must of practiced hard for those awesome perfomances
Hopefully you do awesome in any compositions
You did amazing in every way
I loved the Pacifica's Humour, it was hilarious. 

Yours sincerely Oscar Ellis

Thanks you ;)