Saturday, May 27, 2017

Up the pipe solutions

  1. 350,000 tonnes of sludge per year is made by people
  2. Sits in a landfill
  3. Toothpaste, shampoo and etc goes into the landfill
  4. Sludge has a lot of chemicals
  5. The scientists names who are involved are chemists, Microbiologists,Toxicologists, Social scientists, Soil scientists and cultural scientists.
  6. Named up the pipe (project name)
  7. Bad chemicals in sludge from container and bug spray
  8. Create Enviro soaps and sunscreen
  9. Zebrafish embryos help landfill for testing
  10. Spray and wipe contains bad chemicals that are real bad
  11. Kids make cleaning products that are eco
  12. Easy to make cleaning products like soap

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