Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cyclone cook

Cyclone cook

I sat on my couch on my computer playing subnautica as both the wood stove and the firebox chimneys shook like they would not survive the night. Later on a bird jetted down the wood stove chimney. It sat there and attempted to fly out a lot but failed all the times. My dad went up to turn our generator on because our battery was getting low because that day we had no sun for the solar but the wind turbine was going crazy so he turned that off to. While he was gone I went up to my mums craft room up stairs. I saw two blue sparkly burst of light shoot up into the midnight black sky. Then out of nowhere the rain started getting heavy and heavier. My dad made it back alive then the internet went out and havelock went black. The prison shone from their backup generators the same as the hospital. I went out and checked my guinea pigs. They are snuggled up together in their hay, I went inside hop into bed, I woke up twice. When I woke up the wind had stopped but still rain. At 9:30 we went assess the damage there only was a broken Manuka tree but that's all.  

(We had power the whole time we run off solar and wind really our generator)

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  1. Grate post.Your cyclone sowler is awsome