Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Hello guys and today I am doing a blog on some aeroplanes fact file 

Boeing 777-300er
Maximum amount of people: 465
Max take off weight: 251.29 tonnes 
Top speed: 950km
Wingspan: 61m 
The cruising level: 43,100 ft

 Boeing 787 dreamliner 
Max amount of people: 254
Max take of weight: 198.89 tonnes
Top speed: 954 km
Wingspan: 60
The cruising level:42,500 ft

Airbus A380
Max amount of people: 845
Max take of weight:4695 tonnes
Top speed:1020 km
Wingspan: 80
Cruising level:49,400

Concord 11

Max amount of people:128
Max take of weight 98 tonnes 
Top speed:2,179 km/h
Wingspan: 26m
Cruising level: 60,009

Bombardier Q300

Max amount of people: 49
Max take of weight: 112 tonnes
Top speed: 667km/h
Wingspan 25.97m
Cruising level: 18,000

A380 Taking off

Plane interiors

777-300 business class Air New Zealand 

First class emirates a380 

Economy emirates a380

Max amount of people: 19 
Max take off weight: 28 tonnes
Top Speed 526.224
Wingspan 17.62
Cursing level: 12,000

Max amount of people: 416 
Max take of weight: 412,798 tonnes 
Top speed 920
Wingspan: 60m 
Cursing level: 45,000 ft

Airbus a320

Max amount of people: 150
Max take off weight : 10,988 tonnes 
Top speed: 858km/h 
Wingspan 35.80m
Cruising level: 18,000ft 

Beechcraft 1900d taking off

Beechcraft 1900d taking off from auckland

ATR 72

Max amount of people: 62
Max take of weight: 38 tonnes
Top speed 590km/h
wingspan 24.84
cruising level: 20,000

Max amount of people: 451
Max take off weight: 234 tonnes
Top Speed: 950
Wingspan 63.73m
Cruising Level:45,000 ft

Max amount of people: 351
Max take off weight: 342 tonnes
Top speed: 898
Wingspan: 45.98
Cruising level: 42,000 ft

Max amount of people: 212
Max take off weight: 124 Tonnes
Top speed: 924
Wingspan: 29
Cruising level: 38,000

ATR 42
Max amount of people: 56
Max take of weight: 34 tonnes
Top Speed: 584km
Wingspan 24.46m
Cruising level: 23,000

Max amount of people: 214
Max take off weight: 128 tonnes
Top speed: 854 km
Wingspan: 56.78
Cruising level: 38,000 ft

Antonov 225 take off (The biggest plane in the world) 

Max amount of people: 189
Max take off weight: 34 tonnes
Top speed: 1017
Wingspan 46.48
Cruising level: 31,000 ft

Max amount of people: 169
Max take off weight: 126 tonnes
Top speed: 982 km
Wingspan: 38m
Cruising level: 38,000

797-200 ( is still getting manufactured ) 
 Max amount of people: 892
Max take off weight: unknown
Top speed: 1100 km/h
Wingspan: 82m
Cruising level: 68,000

Thanks for reading