Friday, September 2, 2016

Persuade writing

WALT persuade

  • Be persuasive - sell!
  • Words that persuade: New! Amazing, remarkable, incredible, introducing... the one and on:)ly. Special... Rocks! Healthy, super, buy one get one free...
  • Use famous Olympic athletes (if it suits your topic)
  • Written in sentences, including speech bubbles and text boxes.
  • Could include a slogan for your product (like Just Do It)
  • Hook in the reader or viewer - make it interesting
  • Bright colours or contrasting colours (hot/cold, black/white)
  • Fonts - large (some smaller) and creative - bright colours - easy to read


  1. well done i like the detail and the info and how you explained it keep it up

  2. good work it is a real good pice of writing

  3. I like how you made the slide and how you set it up great job:)