Tuesday, August 9, 2016



In this post there is three hidden emoticons

I am proud of this because...
I put a lot of effort into this task
My biggest challenge was...
Getting the idea for the second part

My Best Learning
This is my…
Purpose: to Entertain
I am learning how to improve my sentence formation
Success Criteria:
  • Start most of my sentences with different words
  • Include simple and compound sentences*
  • Include some complex sentences**
  • Has a paragraph describing the setting
  • Follows the structure of a script

Write a script to entertain your reader. Write a scene/setting description, list you're characters and write characters actions and DIALOGUE between you're characters in a script format.
Stomach Time
Super dude

Setting: In a dog stomach Passing past the heart
In their micro sub

Bob: Take control of the wheel  (: Waves at jacky )
Jacky: Yes sir  
Bob: there's the heart ; it’s pumping us closer to the liver
Bob: We will be crushed into;( more microscopic pieces that we already are.
Jacky: is the super soldier ready  ( yells loudly )
Bob: 89% and the clock estimates we will run into the liver in 12 minutes
Jacky: first we need to worry about the kidneys

Two minutes later

Bob: The kidney are crushing us  
SuperDude: this dog will not die of malaria  (Super dude sits up out of his storage box.
SuperDude: Charge the red blood scanner and malaria disintegrator
Bob: Ok ( in a puzzled voice )
Jacky: Activate the high pressure jet engines
SuperDude: I will crush this liver
Jacky: It’s the kidney or Kidnationrahardes
Bob: we’re out
Jacky: turn out left engine reverse  
SuperDude: i’ve pick up two red blood cells with the only malaria in the body and some mean dance moves (he breaks into a dance )
Bob: what are you waiting for ; fire
( The red blood cell explode )
Bob: We have got company
Jacky: 24 tiny robots are watching us
Bob: But But but
Bob wakes up and it was just a messed up dream….
Bob: But But
Jacky: Tell the Super Kid guy to destroy them
Bob: He is still breakdancing
Jacky: Chuck a bone out of the airlock
Bob: Why
Jacky: Because he might go get it  
Bob: it’s worth a try  ( bob goes and chucks a bone out into the dog lung cube capacitor)
Super Dude: Did a bone just go out yes yes it did  
Jacky: yes yes  ( SuperDude goes and get the bone and he shot his laser and kill the bob bots)
Bob: turn around we can come back out
Jacky: Full power
Super Dude: Kick as fast as you can outside
Bob: Me have two minutes to get out
Jacky: Acid is coming up from his stomach
Bob: It will boost us up
Bob: hold on
SuperDude: (Voice slowly fades)Help
Everybody faints
Jacky: Where are we
Bob: where out
They both yell yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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