Thursday, August 11, 2016



In the holidays. I went to Fiji.
First we stayed one night in Auckland. The next day we caught the plane to Nadi. Then we went through customs, after that we went down stairs to the van a drove to Port Denraul. Where we caught the ferry to Castaway Island Fiji.
When we got there we were taken to our Burē. I went for a swim and saw a Sting ray.
When I was there I did scuba diving on the House reef,  it was super fun.


When we were there we did Snorkeling. I discovered that snorkeling was super fun when we only had 4 days left.  I went snorkeling on Vonu range (Vonu is Fijian for turtle) and saw no turtles. I also went to Honeymoon Island where there was blue and orange clownfish that would peck at your snorkel googles.

I really enjoyed it there.

Me on the beach


  1. That sounds so fun Oscar E, I would love to go there one day and do snorkeling and all the fun things in Fiji.

  2. Good work Oscar on you Fiji blog post :-)

  3. WOW Oscar E it look like you have had a good treap

  4. It looks like you are having lots and lots of fun at fijj

  5. That is so cool Oscar!!!!
    I hope you hade fun in Fiji

  6. Wow your lucky good job on the detail in the blog post well done

  7. That must of been a AWESOME Holiday

  8. Sounds like you had fun Oscar I would have fun if i was there, by the way great blog post.
    (: (: