Wednesday, August 31, 2016


This is one of the Olympic tasks
Me, Aston and Zane did this

Smiles are still hidden

Olympic Task

Research the types of animals you would find in Brazil (Rio) and make a Fact file for them (at least 5 animals). Include type of animal, habitat, size, diet, picture and some interesting facts. Wikipedia is a good place to start.

Giant river otter
Animal type-chordata
Habitat-fresh river water
Size-3 feet/1.8 meters
Diet-fish,crabs,turtles,snakes,small caiman
There predator is alligators
They are endangered.

Animal type-chordata
Habitat-Southern Mexico
Size-63.5 cm
Diet-fruit,insect,eggs from offer birds
There predators are Jaguars
They are very common in Brazil

Magellanic Penguin
Animal type-Chordata
Habitat-brazil beaches
Diet-squid, small shrimp,fish
predators are sea lions,killer whales,leopard seals  
There are only one species of penguin in brazil

Animal type-Chordata
Habitat-North America
Size-5.1 kg
diet- rabbits, marmots, and ground squirrels,carrion, reptiles, birds,fish
That the biggest type of eagle is a golden eagle

Animal type-chordata
Size-small dog/6.3,10,6.5 kg
diet-buds, tender shoots, and leaves
predator-the jaguar, the harpy eagle, and humans
They sleep for ¾ of the day
  1. Compare human records with animal records from Guinness Book of Records for example    the world record for the highest jump by a dog is 172.7cm the high jump record for humans is 245 cm. Find 10 more comparisons. Who does better overall humans or animals?

  1. The tallest man present is 251cm - The shortest dog was 9.65
  2. The Tallest man present is 251cm - Tallest donkey was 172.72
  3.  Smallest dog is 9.65 cm  - Smallest man is 56cm
  4.  Oldest human is 122 - Oldest pig is 22
  5.  Tallest dog is 1.118 - Tallest human is 251cm
  6.   Longest human ears are 30.3  - longest dog ears 34.9
  7. Highest jump by a dog  172.7m - Highest jump by human 1.616m
  8. Fastest tortoise goes 0.28m per second  - Fastest human is 12.5m per second
  9. Shortest donkey is 64.7cm - shortest human is 56cm
  10. Shortest cow is 61.1cm tall - shortest human  is 56cm Humans win overall

What sports were represented in the video? Do you think that the animals in the video were well suited to the sport they were doing? Research and find out which creatures would be suited to which sports and why? For example the cheetah would be best suited to which sport in the olympics?

  1. Puma and jaguar are fit for athletics because they run really fast. How fast Jaguar 80 kph, (50 mph) puma 45 kph, (28 mph)
  2. Armordillo is not fit for weightlifting because they are not strong.
  3. Sloths are fit for gymnastics because it is the only animal in rio the can climb trees.
  4. Crocodiles are good at diving because they can swim underneath them in the water.
  5. Howling monkey are good at beach volleyball because they can jump really really high.
  6. Anteaters are fit for Hammer throw because they has a good grip.
  7. Hoary fox is fit for trampolinist because he jumps high.

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The area of it is 5,000,000km2 . There is a river going right through the Amazon rainforest. (2,100,000 sq mi) of the rain forest is covered in trees, bushes and vines. Different kind of creatures live in the Amazon rainforest like the Hoatzin, Mygalomorphae, Howler monkey, Heliconia, Brown-throated sloth, Emperor tamarin, Blue poison dart frog, Jaguar, Bald uakari, Bullet ants and parrot.  
It is very different to New Zealand's because the animals.
This Cat is done in the style of a famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Make your own piece of art in the same style. You can do a cat or pick something else as the center of your art but it should be NO bigger than A3, you can use anything on the arts trolley. If you would like anything else ask a teacher. Before you start answer these questions:
A)What does the artist use to show the outline of his art?  
B) How has he divided the background?
C) How has he coloured it in? :/

Thursday, August 11, 2016



In the holidays. I went to Fiji.
First we stayed one night in Auckland. The next day we caught the plane to Nadi. Then we went through customs, after that we went down stairs to the van a drove to Port Denraul. Where we caught the ferry to Castaway Island Fiji.
When we got there we were taken to our Burē. I went for a swim and saw a Sting ray.
When I was there I did scuba diving on the House reef,  it was super fun.


When we were there we did Snorkeling. I discovered that snorkeling was super fun when we only had 4 days left.  I went snorkeling on Vonu range (Vonu is Fijian for turtle) and saw no turtles. I also went to Honeymoon Island where there was blue and orange clownfish that would peck at your snorkel googles.

I really enjoyed it there.

Me on the beach

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Lately we have been doing robotics
The first lesson was building your robot, the second lesson was making your robot move.
At home I have been building my own robot.
We have been using the EV3:0 from lego
I has been awesome fun.)

There is no photo of me in there



In this post there is three hidden emoticons

I am proud of this because...
I put a lot of effort into this task
My biggest challenge was...
Getting the idea for the second part

My Best Learning
This is my…
Purpose: to Entertain
I am learning how to improve my sentence formation
Success Criteria:
  • Start most of my sentences with different words
  • Include simple and compound sentences*
  • Include some complex sentences**
  • Has a paragraph describing the setting
  • Follows the structure of a script

Write a script to entertain your reader. Write a scene/setting description, list you're characters and write characters actions and DIALOGUE between you're characters in a script format.
Stomach Time
Super dude

Setting: In a dog stomach Passing past the heart
In their micro sub

Bob: Take control of the wheel  (: Waves at jacky )
Jacky: Yes sir  
Bob: there's the heart ; it’s pumping us closer to the liver
Bob: We will be crushed into;( more microscopic pieces that we already are.
Jacky: is the super soldier ready  ( yells loudly )
Bob: 89% and the clock estimates we will run into the liver in 12 minutes
Jacky: first we need to worry about the kidneys

Two minutes later

Bob: The kidney are crushing us  
SuperDude: this dog will not die of malaria  (Super dude sits up out of his storage box.
SuperDude: Charge the red blood scanner and malaria disintegrator
Bob: Ok ( in a puzzled voice )
Jacky: Activate the high pressure jet engines
SuperDude: I will crush this liver
Jacky: It’s the kidney or Kidnationrahardes
Bob: we’re out
Jacky: turn out left engine reverse  
SuperDude: i’ve pick up two red blood cells with the only malaria in the body and some mean dance moves (he breaks into a dance )
Bob: what are you waiting for ; fire
( The red blood cell explode )
Bob: We have got company
Jacky: 24 tiny robots are watching us
Bob: But But but
Bob wakes up and it was just a messed up dream….
Bob: But But
Jacky: Tell the Super Kid guy to destroy them
Bob: He is still breakdancing
Jacky: Chuck a bone out of the airlock
Bob: Why
Jacky: Because he might go get it  
Bob: it’s worth a try  ( bob goes and chucks a bone out into the dog lung cube capacitor)
Super Dude: Did a bone just go out yes yes it did  
Jacky: yes yes  ( SuperDude goes and get the bone and he shot his laser and kill the bob bots)
Bob: turn around we can come back out
Jacky: Full power
Super Dude: Kick as fast as you can outside
Bob: Me have two minutes to get out
Jacky: Acid is coming up from his stomach
Bob: It will boost us up
Bob: hold on
SuperDude: (Voice slowly fades)Help
Everybody faints
Jacky: Where are we
Bob: where out
They both yell yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!