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The Death Crusher

1245 AD

One night when there was no moon, a large machine with spikes all over it, moves towards Middletown!  The next morning Middletown is no more, the government sends 1 great investigator and his apprentice, their names were Felix Odera and John Johnson. In their apartment in Rome, they both look at a small magnetic steel spike. “Should we inform the government” asks Felix. “No they might have a spy” says John.

Two dasy later.

A storm approaches both investigators travel to a small village called Helopoke in south Rome. They both hear a clicking noise, from behind them a large machine sweeps in and sucks both of them up…

Felix wakes up in a dark damp room with nobody else but there are too many skeletons. He hears footsteps from a hallway above the getting louder, louder and louder until they are at the cell door. It opens slowly and he see’s John standing there with a rare black steel sword. “Hello Felix” says John. Both men walk up to the bridge where a man in gray stands next a control panel with a screen of  the map of Felix’s home city of Bath, England. “Would you like that city crushed” yells Lord Tionsecus.

Suddenly a loud noise rocks the machine, a massive dog runs in and tears the machines motor apart and the machine stops.

The central police rampage in to the machine and arrest all the crew on board but then six traps set on the police and they get crushed and Felix just manages to slip away.

Felix drove and drove until he got to the secret RIDS headquarters under the coliseum which John did not know about. When he got inside he got on the radio to Sir Von Swepches and he said “I need help. John was a Spy for Lord Tionsecus” There was no response only a beep beep. Suddenly the machine rocked into the coliseum and John walks down the stairs. “You thought you could run” Says John “You will not intimidate me and RIDS” Felix say weekly. “)You decided it” yells John. Boom Crash, the roof couples and traps Felix under the remains of coliseum he manages to escape through a water canal and gets to the ADS base in Napoli when he gets there only 2 men remain and say “The war is over” says the older “ a machine of great power killed the rest” says the young one. Beep beep beep “there is large machine coming from north” “that's the battle truck” says Felix. Without noticing John shoots two vapor missiles and they both hit the base and sends Felix flying into the motorvator of the machine and he pulls the main wires out the then he jumps out of the machine and it blows up, then Felix goes and gets the police and they arrested John and Lord Tionsecus.

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Evil and money don't mix
A nightmare come true


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