Thursday, June 9, 2016

Boy on a Bike

Boy on a Bike

WALT ask effective questions

I am blogging this because I love this task.

I hope you enjoy it.
Remember smilies are in there somewhere.

My six effective questions to help me understand the reading:
  1. Who helped him from St John?
  2. What sort of attitude would of he used ?
  3. Where was the town that he started at?
  4. When did he do it?
  5. Why didn't he do the howl of NZ? (:he could of caught the ferry:))
  6. How did he have the guts to do it?

If I was to raise money for charity I would raise it for DHB.
I would do it by having a special day all round NZ and normal people would put charity in.


  1. love it well done Oscar E keep it up

  2. Good questions oscar E
    keep up the good work