Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Invisible: Blog post number.

I am Blogging this because it was the first task of the term

I hope you like my awesome post.

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Japan's New Train Will Be "Invisible"

Read the article and watch the video.

WALT summarise information

Answer these questions:

What is Japan well-known for?
High speed railway systems

How does the Magnetic Levitation train get its name?  
Because it hovers
What record did it break? Set a new speed world record of 375 mile per hour
What is different about the new train being built?
It looks in invilabile

Why does Seibu Railway wish to build it?
It will attract more people

Who is the architect responsible for the design? ;(
Kazuyo Sejima

Why was the train's route perfect for this design?
Across the three major city in japan

What will the interior of the train be like?
A lounge

Critical Thinking Challenge

Do you think high-speed railways could replace domestic air travel in the future? Why or why not?  I think not because they will keep making faster planes


  1. it was next to the Who is the architect responsible for the design?
    also great post Oscar i like how it is a indivisible and fast train

  2. Wow Oscar that is very intresting

  3. that looks cool osar e. by whetu