Monday, May 23, 2016

Pangolins: Week3

I am blogging this because I had tonnes of fun making my report


Smiles are still hidden
Sunda Pangolin

Sunda pangolin are critically endangered animals. They are also a mammal and live in Indonesia. Please read on to discover more facts about this creature.

Sunda Pangolins are love their food! They can eat small of spider like the Black striped tarantula and other spider with very little toxin. Sunda pangolins also eat gum tree bark and plant bulbs. Pangolins favour:)ite food is termites and ants with their long tongue. Sunda pangolins love eating.

Sunda pangolins have rock hard claws and scales also both of them are made out of keratin. The stuff that our hair is made of made rhinos horns are made of. A lot of people call pangolins “scary anteaters”. Like anteaters they have long tongues.

Sunda Pangolins sadly have no siblings; the mother only ever can produce one baby. When threatened, they roll up into a ball protected by their scales but their only enemies are tigers and leopards. Interesting fact Sunda Pangolins are the only nocturnal pangolin. They nest near termite mounds so they can snack when they want.

Sunda pangolin live in indonesia mainly live in desert mangrove, but some of them like to live in swamps and up trees and they also dig hole with their keratin claws into termite mounds and sometimes live in their.

Sunda pangolin are commonly poached and also they can’t be transported out of the country because they get car and plane sick and just die. Sadly there is only 91 left.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Invisible: Blog post number.

I am Blogging this because it was the first task of the term

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Japan's New Train Will Be "Invisible"

Read the article and watch the video.

WALT summarise information

Answer these questions:

What is Japan well-known for?
High speed railway systems

How does the Magnetic Levitation train get its name?  
Because it hovers
What record did it break? Set a new speed world record of 375 mile per hour
What is different about the new train being built?
It looks in invilabile

Why does Seibu Railway wish to build it?
It will attract more people

Who is the architect responsible for the design? ;(
Kazuyo Sejima

Why was the train's route perfect for this design?
Across the three major city in japan

What will the interior of the train be like?
A lounge

Critical Thinking Challenge

Do you think high-speed railways could replace domestic air travel in the future? Why or why not?  I think not because they will keep making faster planes

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Operation: Term 1!! WEEK 1 ?

On Monday the last week of term I got my adenoids out. :)I did not feel a thing because they vaporised them with a very very hot metal stick.

Your adenoids are at the back of your nose.

Here a picture of what it looks like.

Mine looked like the one  -) on that side.

I had to have an operation because my adenoids were too big and I could not breath in my nose
and I breathed very heavily and it kept everybody awake. Since I have had the operation, I can now breathe through my nose and not choke at night!