Sunday, November 8, 2015

calader art week 3 team 4

I'm blogging this because I wanted to blog some art
WALT create our calader art

I did the textured landscape because I thought that it would be harder than the hot and cold hand art which all my friends were doing.
A challenge that I found hard was restarting and my very dotty sky took a while.
A success was not staingy in at any morning teas for not finishing.
It was long process especially the dotted sky.  
Here the steps I used .
  1. Draw basic outline.
  2. Go over the outline in vived.
  3. Choose your patterns.   
  4. Draw patterns you small parts outline like the tree and cloud and bush.
  5. Draw the rest of the patterns on the rest.
  6. Show the teacher.
  7. You're done!

Weight and Capacity Week 4 team 4

I am blogging this because this team I wanted to do a Extension Math blog post.
WALT use weight and capacity

Weight and Capacity

Four  problems to solve.

  1. Think what balance scales look like (image a see-saw)
Draw five diagrams of different looking balance scales and put on each side what might be being weighed
    1. A school bus has a 2600 kg carrying capacity,  How many people would it be permitted to carry?   ( if a child waded 29Kgs  and a Adult 50Kgs the bus could hold 31 child and 34 Adult)(think about the difference of child and adult)
2370 34 31
Child = 30 kgs each Adult = 70 kgs each
20 Adults = 1400 kgs
40 Children = 1200 kgs

1200 kgs+1400 kg = 2600 kgs

  1. I can see a selection of containers with a capacity bigger than 1 L but smaller than 2 L.  What might the containers be?
because the containers are bpthe filled with a kg and they are meant to be Litre containers.

1.5kgs , 1.1kgs , 1.2kgs , 1.3kgs , 1.4kgs , 1.6kgs , 1.7kgs , 1.8kgs , 1.9kgs ,

  1. Make three different packages that have a mass of 1 kg.  Compare the size of your packages and discuss why they can be so different but have the same mass.
1kg of feathers , 1kg of flour , 1kg of rice bubbles

They are the all same weight because  1kg of feathers , 1kg of flour and 1kg of rice bubbles has the same mass and all way 1kg.