Thursday, September 3, 2015

Peter Jackson Info Team3 Week 6

I am Blogging because a have not done a blog post on peter Jackson Before
WALT find info and add to a table

Extra Research for My Report On Peter Jackson
Websites / Books
(put link)     (title / author)
Questions (What I want to find out)
Dominic COrry          

When is Peter Jackson Releasing a new movie?
What is Peter Jackson’s new trailer going to be like?
What is Peter Jackson going to make his new movie about if he is making one?
Katie Jackson and Billy Jackson are Peter Jackson’s children .
Peter Jackson has won 11 oscar awards.
Peter Jackson designed the four of the sculptors at war rooms at Te-Papa
Peter JAckson next movie is world war1 its R18

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  1. Peter Jackson is inspiring because he was passionate from an early age about movies and used his imagination and energy to make them happen and make it his hobby his job and career