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I am blogging this because it was my first peter Jackson writing
WALT write a report

We had to write a report on Peter Jackson using our note
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WALT communicate and inform the reader effectively
Purpose: to inform
Text type: Report
Success Criteria (based on Kidspeak progressions)
  • beginning, middle and end (structure)
  • topic words (vocabulary)
  • different sentence beginnings (sentence formation)
    • added detail to my ideas (content and ideas)
  • punctuation that helps the reader (punctuation)
  • To use Good Writing structure

Peter Jackson Report

Have you seen Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies? Peter Jackson is behind this epic screenplay and ideas, read on to find out more.  


You would not think that someone from Pukerua Bay who was born on halloween could become a world famous director (you would).  Sir Peter Robert Jackson is a world famous director he has won Three oscar awards. his children are Billy Jackson and Katie Jackson and his Wife Fran Walsh Her real name is Frances Rosemary ( Fran Walsh is an abbreviation ).  

Early days?

Peter Jackson was born on Halloween in 1961. The first movie he made was eight he tried to make remake King Kong using his parents camara. When he was 17 he dressed up in  his King Kong costume. 25 scared drivers and two men pulled over to see if it was a real monkey and one ran because they thought it was real monkey.

Rise to fame

The studios that made famous there they are Wingnut films, Weta Workshop, Weta digital, Stone Street studio and Park road post they are all located in Miramar Wellington. His wife Fran Walsh is the Producer of 6 of Peter Jackson. The film Peter Made was Bad Taste comedy Horror, Peter Jackson Became a Producer for his films in 2010.

International Fame

Peter Jackson is actually a Sir. The year he was knighted was 2002 when he was 45. Peter Jackson has won three Oscars and 98 Other Awards. Peter is a massive Star In Hollywood.


He makes awesome war, comedy, horror and action and adventure movies. I’ve seen Hobbit and Lord of the Ring trilogy and Tintin adventures.  

Report done By Oscar Jeremy Ellis

Published On 27.8.15

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