Sunday, September 6, 2015

Art blog post

 I am blogging this because I feel that its my best bit of art ever
WALT Create an awesome bit of art

We had to create a bit of art about some that represented you this why I chose my bit of art, I chose Jupiter in space because I want to be a gas planet Scientist when I grow up and that Jupiter is my planet in the
Solar System.

 Please come to our schools art exhibition

Here is my art photo which it was my bit of art was mean't to look like

 Here is my finial result on my art


  1. Oscar i like your art that you did and i like how you showed it to the right one

  2. alsome art oscar i like that you chose a planet

  3. Great post. I like jupiter too it is my second favourite planet in the solar system.I hope you do visite jupiter