Friday, May 29, 2015

Math task: week 6 team 2

I'm blogging this because it was my favorite math
WALT solve mathematical problems by applying what we know-knowledge and appropriate strategies

Buses, games and train

a)      A bus has 67 passengers. It drops off 39 people.
        Show how to work out how many people are still on the bus.
67 - 39=
39 + ___ = 67
39 + 1 = 40. 40 + 27 = 67
27 + 1 = 28
Answer: 28
b) Paul has 127 computer games on his Chromebook.  He deletes 35 of his old games.
    Show how to work out how many computer games he still has.


Answer: 92

c) A train has 264 people.  92 people get off at a station.
    Show how to work out how many people stay on the train.
264 - 92
264 - 64= 200
Answer: 164

write the name of  your strategy and show your working for the following

d 387 -104= 283 place value
e 684 -265=419 broke number up

f 3841 - 373= 3468

Thursday, May 28, 2015

You never imagine week 5 team 2

You never imagine

Four years ago in forest of Canada sat Mt Origin A dormant volcano, third largest volcano on earth. there was a small fishing hut next to lake Origin,
next to Mt Origin. In the fishing hut sat the book of Origin for Mt Origin

The Origin for Mt Origin

Long ago, A large pool of nightmare lava started to bubble huge orange magma bubble, that meant the rock around the pool would all come up and form the volcano. Two days later some rocks had popout around the pool of lava. A tiny miccola comes out of his ticy hole in the ground and sees  the rocks growing. Four weeks goes by the nightmare lava is now a full volcano, Mt Origin.

Friday, May 15, 2015

week 4 team 2 Blood story

i'm am blogging this because This is my favorite bit of writing I've done this team

Blood story

Me, all my family start on the awesome cliff top walk we get higher, higher and high. Soon we get to where going to do the rest of the walk... If you look down on one you see the ocean, the other side you blackberry. I hear a supersonic  boom same with my cousin Harvey and Jeremy then I fall down the small slope towards the blackberry…  The thorn of the blackberry rip into my skin I start to cry and screamed.  About ten painful minute later I’m at the top of the slope again we walk back the three cars, dad got his tweezers and every little thorn out in the end I was fine.  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week three team 2, James and giant peach

I am blogging this because it was very fun reading the book.
WALT make connections.
James and
the Giant Peach

The following task is for you to think deeply about. Think about the connections you have made to the story of James and the Giant Peach. It may be the life James had when he lived with his Aunts, or maybe how brave he was when they set off sail on the peach.

I made a connection to the story from the story to myself when… when I saw a huge  peach

This story reminds me of something I have seen/read/heard before when… i've read The biggest fruit on earth

Choose one of these sentences to write - you’re either like James or you’re not

  1. I think that I am like James because…

  1. I think that I am not like James because… I live with both my parents and my aunties are nice.  

Extra for experts
See if you can make a connection to the world in relation to the adventures James and his friends go on :) i’ve been across the English channel.

Friday, May 1, 2015

I with my teacher knew

I wish my teacher
knew... that wake up at
6:00 every morning.
This is my I with my teacher knew

This week we had to make small sentence that our teacher did not know about us.