Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Stem BP

In our group it was Jimmy, Oscar J, and Me


This my slogan, I like saying it because Pessimistic in my world is a cool word. I really enjoyed creating it, The challenge was spelling Pessimistic, I really like my slogan.

Pie Piper.

In a little vanilla town, there was tonnes of kids literally and tonnes of tonne weighing parents but there was one problem there were too many cats. One cat was skinnie and rest were insanely fat. One kid was called Fatty he owned the skinnie cat, He ate his cats food, the cat Hobo Jobo starved. Fatty was sick of cats, He made a phone call to the Pie Piper, He would come in 81 years when he had finished eating his 81,000 tonne pie, He got into his Cryogenic pod sets it  for 81 years, hops in and freezes over and the time starts.

81 years later

He woke up to the fattest man he had ever seen, The pie piper, he came out of his pod the pie piper said “I have been here for 78 years I said I would be 81 months not 81 years” “OHH” said fatty the cats are this way please, the Pie Piper follows Fatty to the square where all the cats are keep for safety, He grabs his trombone and starts to play. All the people on the streets collapse all the dogs run off but the cats don’t hear a thing they get up out of the ditch and start to run off but the wrong way towards the houses they ransack everything and steal all the humans money and escape into the forest. All the humans wake up after the noise the Pie Piper gone with Fatty million dollar cat gone and thousand of angry villagers

Friday, September 22, 2017

Scratch Name

This my name art made on scratch, It was quite easy for me.
I really enjoyed doing the O in the name because it was a bit harder than the rest and That would of also been my challenge. In the process of it I used my noticing learning nerve when I noticed that they were not in line and I used my imagining learning nerve when we were I was choosing the special effects. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Speech

This is my speech it is for a compation.
The theme we were set with was disasters.

I love disaster movies.

But real life is more interesting than a movie.

This is a real story that was told to me from a family friend and it is true …

Her and her husband were on holiday on the Malaysian island of Langkawi on Sunday 26th December 2004
They were enjoying the peace and quiet of a beach restaurant in the resort they were staying at. The hotel had a main building that was at the foot of the mountain and the accommodation consisted of individual units, like small chalets sprinkled up through the steep forest of the mountain.

The restaurant backed onto a rock face and the main seating was on piles on the sand and a lower platform over the water.

Shortly after they placed their order she could see her husband looking over her shoulder at something behind her. He was confused at something moving through the water in the distance at high speed. She  looked where he was looking at the main beach. Something yellow and low in the water was racing at great speed and she recognised it as a capsized canoe before the chef behind the hot plate vaulted over the bench shouting “Go! Go! Go!”.

It was such a shock to them they just stared after him for a moment before the sounds of screams caught could be heard and they turned back to the beach. All the staff and holidaymakers on the beach were running for higher ground. Behind them a solid wall of dark water driving through the rocks. Again it took a moment for them to process what they were actually seeing, a tsunami coming straight at them. They saw a young man in hotel uniform grab an elderly woman who was unable to run and almost throw her up a palm tree. They learned later that she had survived because of his quick thinking with only some damage to the skin on her thighs.

They remember the deck at the back of the restaurant was narrow and the rock face made a natural wall that ran alongside it. They don't remember starting to climb. There next memory was looking back over their shoulders and seeing the water swamp the lower deck. The tables and chairs rose up and crashed against the railing of the upper deck. After that they only remember being at the top, shaken and overwhelmed by how unreal it all seemed.

They remember a tourist, a North American man in his 20’s, filming the scene even as people were climbing up the rocks and being horrified that he would stand in front of people in need as if they were a form of entertainment. Their sympathy was with the staff of the hotel, the majority of whom were local and none deserted their post to check on their own family or friends.

Disasters really do bring out the best and worst in people.

There was a large rock in the bay that was hidden under normal circumstances but as the wave went out again the force caused the water to fountain what looked like 15-20 metres in the air. If they had given any thought to tsunamis in the past it was regarding the power of the incoming water and had not considered the massive drag when it was outgoing and it was terrifying sight. Anyone caught would have been dragged out to sea in a moment, there was no fighting a force that great.

They said what they learned was: Keep yourself as safe as you can, don't drain resources that are not essential for you and stay out of the way of people who are making a difference. Don't be the person who makes it even worse.

This was a Tsunami caused by an earthquake which was 9.1 on the richter scale off the coast of Sumatra. The tsunami claimed the lives of approximately a quarter of a million people in 14 different countries.

While watching movies is really exciting, talking to someone who was there is real.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Bike Race

The Bike Race

On the 5 of september in 2017, Francis Bob Hugeman was snoring in his public toilet house, he looked at his calendar he yelled “I am dead”. He rushes to get into his XXXXXL made in China shorts and his morning shower in the flushing urinal. He thought about the track. he did not remember anything about it because he got into a toilet fight over his friend Jib Hob Fatman who gets the storage cupboard he lost so he slept in the toilet. He got on his unicycle and starts going on the 3 km bike ride to the Rainbow Jersey bike track bike track where he would complete in the Tri Uni 1256, He finished his radishes and step onto the startline and turns on the Ultra T5%67H Delta auto braking system puts his fome helmet on start pedaling backwards. The bike has 8 speed manual gear changes, the bike he is riding is a 100 year old unicycle, Meanwhile Hobble Fracis big chap hops onto his stolen TT bike and finishes his spam and his Kim Jong Un XXXXXXXXXXL shorts are stretched completely out, He sculled back his water from a old beer can. Francis Bob Hugeman sculled his water from his 1 cent bottle.

The gong went as all the other bikers went forward leaving Francis Bob Hugeman in dead last he went 12 meters when he was overlapped by the whole group then at 45 meters was overlapped again, Everyone finish while He is still on his first lap the crowds empty the stadium as he starts his second lap, Five hours after the race ended he started his third lap the sun had set when he crossed the line in dead last, He stays the night there badly that was just the qualifying rounds so he starts last from the start, he starts in Last place he is even slower than yesterday in the first 12 meters he is overlapped twice, the race finishes in a few minutes he has only done ⅙ of a lap midday hits and the sun is high in the sky, The race lunch is provided he is determined to finish. At 1pm he started his second lap. All the lunch has been eaten and again everyone is departing 4pm he started his last fastest lap. Francis started a pace of 0.1 meters per minute than 0.001 meters per minute then he gases it up to 1 meter per minute and is on the final stretch at 7.30pm, 3 hours later at 10.29pm and 59 seconds he crosses the line. Finishing 9 and a half hours after the other people there had finished but one person is still in the stands it's Hobble Fracis big chap.

After the race get on there unicycle and his stolen TT bike and start biking round the corner up the street and into KFC. They ordered 5 buckets of 1% free range chicken, They are ask to pay  both of them sprint out and into subway and order 18 foot long sub with Swiss Cheese, Meatballs, Olives, Carrot, Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapenos with thousand island sauce. When they were given the Subs there sirens outside  the police close in on Hobble and Francis they grab the bag and run out back, climb a Ladder onto the top of the building, They saw their bikes. Francis jumps and performed a 180 then bounces on his fat he is not hurt, so does Hobble and he is not hurt both of them run past the police and get on there Unicycle and The stolen TT bike and gas it down the road of into the full moon night.