Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace is a side company of Bombardier incorporation. Bombardier Aerospace is the part of Bombardier inc that makes plane, Bombardier inc also make trains and stuff for the military.
They have made multiple planes such as LearJet 45, Bombardier challenger 300 and 600, LearJet 75 and other. Bombardier Aerospace owns Learjet (which is a private jet manufacturer), most rich people buy them if they like traveling. The company was founded after taking over Canadair in 1989, The leading people are Fred Comer, David Coleal and Jean Seguin. They are the Bombardier inc real money they have 11 billion of Bombardier inc 16 billion. 

Global 7000  ($63 million:)

CRJ700 (24 Million)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Procrastination Gaming

This is my Youtube channel Procrastination gaming it is. Me and Oscar J run it we upload videos weekly. Procrastination gaming mean We Procrastinate a lot, (Means you say you are going to do something more than once and you never do it)

Heres a link to the channel Subscribe and like, comment

Crazy Shoes

These are the Cina Shoes they are made in China and rocket fuel from CSP (China space Place).
The shoe have a 0.001 second warranty, The price is 9.8 billion from dollar mart because nobody else wanted to sell it.  The shoe is made of plastic but the guard round the end of the boost fire is wood to make it burn better. The shoe is made in China for cheap produces of the pro product.  They come with one shoe so buy both of them for 19.6 billion for two but they come separate.:)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Maori hand games

This is my Maori hand games blog post we did it on the 7th of June.

The challenge was when I  had string games for the first one I was so so stuck I tried and tried still I got it it took me along time and then after that it got easier.
I used my persevere Learning Muscle  on the knucklebone number 1 at the end when you would have to pick them all up, I after multiple practices I got it finally.
I most enjoyed doing the string games like when I got stuck

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yellow block house


Me, Oscar and Zane made a house out of yellow bricks and then destroyed it with little cubes. It was awesome fun we made it with 59 big yellow plates and 11 block strips, We made it before school started it took 20 minutes. The video of destruction above;0

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kapa haka and Pacifica performance

On the 30th of may we had the Hastings Boys High school do absolutely amazing performance from their Kapa Haka department and their Pacifica department at the school,  It was so cool.
Pacifica went first with a Moana song and the Kapa haka's was a quite waita .

Dear Hasting boys Kapa Haka and Pasfica Department

Thank you for coming, your performances were amazing.
You must of practiced hard for those awesome perfomances
Hopefully you do awesome in any compositions
You did amazing in every way
I loved the Pacifica's Humour, it was hilarious. 

Yours sincerely Oscar Ellis

Thanks you ;)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Quick Write

This is my Quick write blog post please enjoy Smiles are hidden

One day, On 6th of september 2140. A boat was cruising thru french polynesia, The load was very important, it was 2.5 tonne of nuclear waste potatoes from the moon. The boat was cruising at 450 knots. It was heading for the port of Bora Bora, From Bora Bora the NWM potatoes were going to be flown by helicopter and dump in the Moruroa atoll Nuke site hole for keeping.
The ship was going threw quite carm seas for a French polynesia night, The Airport on Bora Bora had regular flight passage over the boat. The french had sent 4 UAVs to cycle around the boat in case of any unwanted visitors, Then suddenly out of nowhere one is hacked and crashed straight through the sealed nuclear waste protection container, As the NWM potatoes leak out their toxic gas. The geiger counter flew up and the alarm sounded, The chief radio officer file’s a call “mayday this is the Phoenix Orion oil rig (Its not carrying oil) we have a leak the container over” The Australian coast guard pick up and say “you are closer to Bora Bora than Australian” “they are offline” say the officer “Are you there” radio breaks up. They boat heads up to 780 knots heading straight for the island civilization of Bora Bora, All the crew Get into sealed rooms as the waste leaks out all over the boat and into the ocean. The boats had 70km to go. At the port they were preparing for the NWM potatoes they had brought in a Mil Mi-89 to lift the container full of them which is waiting at the port. On the boat they had turned on the 8000 horsepower engine for the slowing down into port, All the other UAVs had landed on the boat. The shot into port all engine turned on reverse to slow down it only took .5 of a second 4 men walked onto the boat in the new Radiation suit they pull a lever and all the potatoes went into a radiation sack as the huge helicopter took of both pilots wear the suits as the huge helicopter Mi-89 12,000 horsepower engine grunts it way into the air heading for Moruroa Atoll. Moruroa atoll started being bombed again in 2096 but with H-bombs (helium nukes) which left twice the amount of a standard tassar nuke but the french put a radiation domb around so nun could get out the american tried to buy it off them for 12 billion but they refused, Also did the north koreans russians. As the helicopter flew the dome came into sight a large thing that covered the lagoon and the atoll there was a watch station on the top and a entry zone the helicopter flew into the open dome to. There would be a reaction so when they dump they would have to be quick. The helicopter flew down and did the drop…

As the potatoes fall the radiation from the test site, all the radiation from the potatoes and site made them explode 67 times the power of the nuke. The helicopter went up at full speed as the potatoes start to go boom, The bottom of the dome starts to collapse the control room activates emergency supports. The helicopter gets out but because of the power of nuclear explosion the dome seal door gets gamed ¾ of the door closed. From the control room they get another nuclear support and they seal it but the geiger counters go crazy, at least 4 nuclear potatoes radiation got out that means 8 nukes. The helicopter is forced to land on the helipad everywhere in the next 560km is at risk of radiation poisoning, The helicopter crew stay in their suits as they walk into the deradiation room they take them off suits and walks into control room. Back at the Bora Bora they steady geiger counters are going real high, The police are helping baden down house to stop the flow of the toxin. Back at nuclear test control room they have put the radiation down to 12% in the chamber, The potatoes are dead now they just are potatoes. At bora bora the house are shutting down into E-mode which is the town's way of destroying radiation the way it works is all the house get sealed and they create a vacuum that filters radiation. The control is still on lockdown, Then suddenly out of nowhere the pressures spikes and the glass starts to crack boom as the vacuum of air from the chamber sweeps in with toxic air and the radiation level goes crazy but the sealed door keeps it all in as the glass all breaks. The pilots get out but the room scientists are too late the radiation creeps in the people inside get in suits that are in a box but all 5 have radiation poisoning they walk out as the helicopters rotors start, They jump on on the side as it takes off into the night. The left rotor is out of action because of radiation inside the 7000 power booster engine, as copter speeds back at 900 km/h it only takes 8 minutes by the time they get there a emergency crew are there ready to treat the sickness. As the helicopter land a plane flies over as a H-bomb drops nicknamed Ivy Mike (US first Hydrogen bomb / Super nuke)